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Can't believe i haven't reviewed this

One of the first things i seen on ng and i love it, it's horrifying, the colours, the voices, EVERYTHING.
I even made a shitty clock day flash inspired by this lol.

eugh, i'm shit with words, but i love this.


what the hell man, you just blew me away!! you're very gifted with animation, and the drawings were fantastic.

and wilson was priceless.

well done, fived and faved


Loved, it was smart and i'd love to see you expand it!

And omg, a Wilhelm scream haha, nice!


Very crisp animation, and the 'game' looks awesome!


Pretty good, i'v enever heard of this series before, i'll go check the rest out!

Nice animation and character design, maybe add some subtitles or something, but good work!

RandomFilms responds:

That's funny I use to have subtitle but people kept bitching about spelling so I did away with them


I'm glad i caught this before it passed :)

Seriously, i've never seen your work before, i'm going to have to look through your other stuff because i was really impressed by this.

The lip-synching was perfect, the voices were clear, and it was extremely well delivered. The music was good too !

I have nothing else to say, except thank you very much :)

Gate-keeper-girl responds:

Happy I made such a good first impression.

Don't tell anyone, but I was up until about 6:30 this morning working on the lip-synch xD.

And you're welcome Daniel, that idea was awesome to work with.


you lost??

The winner must have been fucking magnificent if this didn't win!

the style and animation were really top notch, and the lip sync was spot on.

It kind of ended quite quickly though, it would have been funnier if you had made him eat the apple then mourn it, but if you had only four days that's understandable.

BUt very well done! :)

RWappin responds:

Well I had four days LEFT when I started working on it! I procrastinated.

In my original idea the apple got eaten by a bully and Bobby got an army of talking fruit for revenge.


lmfao, dude this is amazing.
When i go to play Pheonix i'm gonna imagine these voices hahah

but i though gumshoe would have had a deeper voice, but it doens't matter, the story was hilarious.

I'd love to see this kinda story as a game actually, lmfao

DAIRYDOG responds:

ThAnKs BuD


I liked this one, especially the hand conversation.

The sounds were top notch, yet hilariously over the top.

Nice work, i'm going to check your skater games now.

lol, not bad.

I would have like to have seen what he done with tis plot of land, but oh well...

But yeah. i understood it perfectly lol.

Nice Job.

ShroomUzi responds:

it's a shame he died before he was able to use it

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